April 2008

I have just spent the last hour reviewing the 30 second adds submitted to Moveon.org.

There are about 1000 videos submitted. If you care to review and vote on some of

them go to the site and start voting.


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Although I missed the Pennsylvania debate I rushed home Wensday night and began watching all that I could. At first I was quite disappointed in the questions asked of Senator Obama. So much time was spent rehashing old issues and not enough time spent on the important issues. I have been happy to learn that I am not alone. The news reports, blogs and other media have been filled with comments concerning how inept ABC’s trite questions were.

I was able to sign a petition expressing my dissatisfaction and I am glad to add my two cents to the discussion
Jon Stewart does what he does best and demolishes ABC debate moderators Charlie
Gibson and George Stephanopoulos for the pathetic questions they asked
on Wednesday. Please clip on the link.


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