While reading the Huffington Post I came across this article. It is an interesting read concerning the proposed holiday on the gas tax. It is as if Hillary is the incumbent and is now asking the American people to repeal a tax that was held as important in her prior administration ( since she was so involved in the Clinton administrations’ policy) . Although it is clearly only a proposal, does it again speak to America’s fears concerning campaign slogans. Are they just a ploy to attract votes or are they sincere??

Greatly Depressing ~ 2008

“Bill Clinton raised the gas tax and no one in the political press seems to remember that, including George Stephanopoulos, who helped him do it.

Most political reporters obviously have no idea that in his first year in office President Bill Clinton raised the gas tax. He did it in a package of tax increases that amounted to the biggest tax increase in history, and after a presidential campaign whose centerpiece was a middle class tax cut that he forgot about once in office. If reporters knew that President Clinton raised gas taxes by 4.3 cents, they would be peppering Hillary and Bill with questions about the Clinton gas tax hike like, if you think gas taxes are too high now, are you in favor of repealing the Clinton nickel? Please click here to continue this interesting story:

Lawrence O’Donnell: Will Hillary Repeal the Clinton Gas Tax? – Politics on The Huffington Post