I got this great note from Barinda Sharma, a member of [NationForChangeYesWeStand]. It provides a new spin concerning the ongoing struggle between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama.


From Barinda Sharma: I know it might sound strange, but let’s think about the positives for Obama from the extra-long primary fighting…

1) New Voters in Every State – Democrats are registering new voters in every state as they have these contests. This is truly a 50-state strategy, and will put more red states into the swing state category. Sure, some Hillary supporters might not vote for Obama in November, but the number of new voters registering to support Obama far outnumbers the anti-Obama voters.

2) Spotlight on Obama – The Democrats are getting the spotlight state by state. Since Hillary won’t be around in November, this is good for Obama and bad for McCain. This gives each state a chance to see where Obama stands on issues that are important to them. If we jump ahead to the general election, it would be a national race (which is much more expensive) and will likely focus on distractions and attacks instead of issues. This gives voters a chance to know where Obama stands before Republicans start attacking him.

3) McCain Pandering to Conservatives – While Democrats argue, McCain is still trying to convince his Republican base that he’s “conservative enough” for their support. He’s saying lots of stupid things right now to pander to his base (overturning Roe v Wade, pro-war, pro-gun issues) that will hurt him with independents and moderates later. If the Democrats pick a nominee, McCain will focus more on the general election, and we’ll miss out on all his right wing pandering! Let him put his foot deeper in his mouth while Obama registers more voters!

In the end, I think Hillary will bow out peacefully. There will likely be some compromise (offering her a cabinet position?) to please her supporters. If she goes out kicking and screaming, her supporters might prefer McCain to Obama. But if we’ve learned anything about Hillary, we know she’s a smart, calculating politician who will be more concerned with her future in politics, and that means helping the Democratic party. I think she will still support Obama after all this (not to mention all the other endorsements he is getting). Obama has clearly been gaining ground since this race began, and I think if he just keeps doing what’s he’s been doing over the next few months, it will push him over the top against McCain.