Bush Brings Victory Party BuffetFrom MoveOn.org:

Dear Diana,

If you liked The Bush-McCain Challenge, will you pass it on? Right now? To 5 people?

Here’s why: On The Daily Show this week, John Stewart asked John McCain if he would renounce George Bush (since polls show Bush is a bigger problem for McCain than Reverend Wright is for Obama!). McCain jokingly got up and walked off the set—then pretended his mic didn’t work.

Bush is a major problem for McCain—if people know how similar they are. And this game shows just that. So we’re launching a new push to get 200,000 more voters to take the Challenge in the next few days.

10 of your friends already played the Bush-McCain Challenge. Can you keep spreading the word by getting just 10 more to try it?

You can send your friends the email—with your personalized link—below. You can also post a note on email lists you’re on, blog comments, and the comments section at the end of online news articles. 

Thanks for all you do.

–Noah, Michael, Patrick S., Justin, and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
  Friday, May 9th, 2008


I took The Bush-McCain Challenge—a fun online quiz to see if you can tell the difference between George W. Bush and John McCain. Check it out, and see if you can do any better than I did!

Start the Bush-McCain Challenge by clicking here:



P.S. After you finish 10 questions, there’s a hilarious “Carrot Round” that you definitely don’t want to miss.