On April 22, 2008 I posted a blog asking my readers to vote for their favorite 30 second video Called Obama in 30 Seconds.  I am happy to announce that the winner has been selected.  Thanks to all of you who voted.  All of the clips were deserving of mention.  Here are a few of them for your enjoyment.

I  received the following information from Adam Green of Moveon.org:

“Dear MoveOn member,

With over 5.5 million votes cast and the judges’ ballots in, our Obama in 30 Seconds contest has a winner!

The ad is powerful, and it’s been seen over a hundred thousand times online—but now we need to get it on TV and put it in front of voters nationwide. It’s clear the attacks have already begun. Last week, Senator McCain even accused Obama of being the favorite candidate of a terrorist organization. And it’ll only get nastier from here—the RNC has $31 million in the bank and they’re poised to unload a slew of negative ads against Obama.

That’s why we need to get this ad on the air now—to remind people, among all the negative ads, that Obama is inspiring people with his positive message of change. It’ll take at least $200,000 to air this ad—can you chip in $25? Check out the ad and contribute by clicking here”:  Obamacan

The Winner:  Obamacan

                Click here

In this contest, over 1,000 ads were
submitted and we saw many wonderful ads. Here is a full list of winners:

Overall winner: Obamacan by David Gaw and Lance Mungia

People’s Choice: They Said He Was Unprepared by Josh

Funniest Ad: It
Could Happen To You
by Alexandra Barreto, Rider Strong, and Shiloh

Most Original: What We Can Draw From Obama by Reggie Schickel

Best Positive Message: Playground Politics by Diane Paragas

you help us put the winning ad in front of voters nationwide? Click here to see
the ad and chip in:


From Moveon.org,

Thanks for all you do.

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