Dream…Hope…Change….Seeing an article like this makes me know the “Dream” is alive and well.

Who Is Asher Heimermann? | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather, Sports, WTMJ | Special Assignment

Who Is Asher Heimermann?

Shelley Walcott

SHEBOYGAN — He could be one of the most politically active people in the state of Wisconsin , and he’s not even old enough to vote! 14-year-old Asher Heimermann is a self described youth activist who is making sure his voice is heard everywhere from Sheboygan City Hall to the White House.Today’sTMJ4’s Shelley Walcott caught up with Asher as he stood at a street corner in Sheboygan, holding an “Obama ’08” placard. It’s something he does about two to three times a week. “I’m taking on my first amendment right to express myself,” he said. And he’s not kidding.Asher’s website,, reveals a teenager who is really tapped in. He discusses economic stimulus, global warming and Wisconsin politics. Asher has even released a statement on the assassination of Pakistani president Benazir Bhutto. “I like to release news releases and tell my supporters where I stand on the issues,” he says…read more

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